Located in Coconut Grove and just a few minutes from Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Brickell downtown Miami, Key Biscayne, Kendall, Doral, our facility comes with all the equipment necessary for an insanely fun and amazing low impact cardio trampoline workout for your entire body because all your muscles get engaged. With large backyard trampolines the Shake Backyard in Coconut Grove is shaking up fitness.

Most trampoline workouts are jumping and going upwards and defying gravity. This low impact cardio trampoline workout also plays with gravity and G-force by focusing on going downwards and continuously maintaining resistance with the mat. We do jump, but we don’t jump to the sky. We jump enough to create impact on the body, so it’s really about the negative action. It’s really about vibration and shaking.

If you had a stressful day and you want to come out and unwind, you will do our chill work out. If you want to start your day and get energized, you will do our vitality or victorious workout, and you will be energized the entire day.

Call now or go online to schedule a class and start shaking right now. if you’re looking for fun while getting a great workout and leave feeling amazing then come Shake it’s just that simple.


Shake Backyard
2132 Tigertail Ave.
Miami, FL 33133