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Many wellness solutions divide various aspects of well-being (exercise, diet, mental health, injury prevention, etc.) in buckets. SHAKE fuses them ALL together and provides a movement-based solution to help everyone of all ages, shapes, and sizes – including you! – to feel better, easier.

SHAKE is here to inspire you and show you how to succeed at feeling better by balancing your physical, mental, and emotional self. We’ll help you SHAKE off the noise created by everyday life, and simplify the process of achieving your ideal, personalized wellness state. As SHAKE helps you get stronger and more confident, your core beliefs and state-of-mind will become un-SHAKEable!

We’re told from a young age that good things come from hard work – “no pain, no gain”. Well, while SHAKE is not easy, it’s easier than other exercise routines. In fact, it may just feel a little like cheating. But it’s not. We’re just helping you circumvent countless hours and repetitions and joint stress, and helping you feel better, faster. No need to abuse your body. Go deeper with SHAKE. Find the places where real change and growth happen. Own your life. SHAKE with us!

How do you SHAKE?

SHAKE involves a series of movements on a trampoline that are easier on the body than most other forms of exercise. There’s no impact, no pounding, and no stress on your joints. In fact, it’s just the opposite. The science supports that this works and is more effective, but after one try of SHAKE, you will have all the answers you need. And you will feel great!

How long should you SHAKE?

SHAKE gives you the precious gift of time, because it takes only 30-minutes to complete a SHAKE routine. With more time, along with an alert mind and strong, lean body, just imagine what you can do with your life. All without breaking the bank!

So what are you waiting for? How do you want to feel today?



Feel more alive with this 30-minute routine. Start your day with a shot of vitality, or end your day with a boost of positive energy. Either way, you’ll SHAKE up your life with abundant waves of positivity vibration.


Remind yourself that you are winning every day with this 30-minute routine. SHAKE with the power and strength you need be make every moment count and make every action you take one that leads you to victory.


Empowerment comes from within. SHAKE it out of you every day with this 30-minute routine. Feel the movements gradually build your strength and confidence. Feel the movements create that quiet sense of invincibility. Make today your day.


There is a time to act and a time to rest. Let this 30-minute chill routine bring you through a peaceful cycle of rest and rejuvenation. Give yourself the time to stop and reflect with gradual, purposeful, rhythmic movements. You deserve a good chill moment every day.


Prepare for action with this 30-minute routine designed to provide focused energy and purposeful intensity to your life. Start the day razor sharp or recalibrate your focus later in the day to power you through your toughest tasks in top form.


Take 30-minutes to refresh your soul. Feel the freedom of a new you by breaking your daily pattern and engaging in this liberating routine of movement and vibration. SHAKE out the old and welcome the new any time you need a fresh start.


It’s perhaps the best workout that exists today. It helps improve your overall strength and power, it increases mobility and flexibility. It revs up your heart and metabolism. Lastly, it relaxes and refreshes you. Furthermore, with our custom routines, it improves your mood because as your body is in motion and your mind is calm, endorphins are getting released and you feel euphoric during and after the workout is done.

Yes because on a trampoline you can literally shake into shape by bouncing and vibrating for a longer period of time. A trampoline allows your body the time to increase both its aerobic and more importantly its anaerobic conditioning which turns on your metabolism and allows you to burn off those unwanted calories.
You can get an effective and efficient Shake workout in 30 minutes. But if you have the time you can always workout for longer. The body can handle more because you are not depleting it but rather energizing it.
Yes because it has no to very low impact on the body. The mat flows with your body so as you get older and recovery takes longer you can actually do more and get more benefits than working on a hard inflexible surface.
Yes with our custom formulated routines we have specific exercises that concentrate on strengthening your entire torso and therefore losing belly fat. Truthfully, you will lose fat all over your body better than any other exercise. Increased movement will burn more calories period.
Yes and this can be achieved in many positions from standing up to laying down. It actually helps in toning and strengthening all of the muscles in your body. All 630 muscles will get stronger even those underused, hard to get to muscles, you don’t work out in most other disciplines.
Yes much better. The primary reason is there is less impact on your bones and skeletal system. By becoming weightless with every stride it allows you to push yourself harder so you can get more out of your time exercising. Also Shake allows you to simulate running by standing up or on your knees. So the body feels and gets the sensation and joy of running without the stress or injury to the body
Yes most effective way to rev your heart. At Shake almost every exercise can be a cardio exercise just by exhaling while performing it. The better you can exhale the more you will increase stamina and endurance. By moving quicker it not only pumps your heart but its helps your entire circulatory system plus your lymphatic system flush out toxins from your body plus much more
It’s excellent. The down and up movement forces the muscles in your pelvic floor to contract every time. The quicker you vibrate the more contractions occur the faster you tone and strengthen the muscles in your pelvis
The number one thing it does is tone all your muscles. Everything you do on a trampoline requires you to contract and relax your muscles. As you stretch and elongate you’re in the best position to stimulate your muscles and create perfect definition.
The old thinking was jumping and flipping and how high can we go. Shake focuses on your downward motion improving foundation and loading. Instead of defying gravity Shake works with gravity. After you improve your balance you can then increase your explosiveness, quickness and range of motion.
Absolutely. It improves your flexibility which you need every day doing everyday activities from household chores to enjoying the outdoors. The vibration loosens the joints by lubricating the tendons and ligaments which give you range of motion and needed mobility.
You can do everything that you can do on the ground or on a mini trampoline plus much more. You’re limitless on what you can do on a big trampoline. Shake routines have taken that into consideration and created exercises to take advantage of the trampoline to do most of the work instead of you. It does the work and you gain the benefits.

Totally.  By moving on an unstable surface your body is constantly maintaining balance, which improves your coordination and is a major boost to your confidence.  It gives you better self-awareness and corrects your physical alignment.

Again Yes. If you have any recent injury or chronic injuries the soft mat and light vibration can help in the rehab of your injury or pain. First by strengthening and toning the muscles, secondly lubricating tendons and ligaments in your body. This will also help prevent future injury by improving your body mechanics and avoiding the same body patterns that got you there.
No. None at all. After a few minutes of getting acclimated to the bouncy surface you can start your Shake routine. If you’re unable to stand because of an injury or you lack balance don’t worry Shake has exercises you can do either on your knees or laying down.
It depends on you and how much space you have in your yard. The main criteria is being able to lay down and fully stretch out. If you have the space then try and get a bigger one. Bigger is always better.

Shake With Us Today!

In just 30 minutes a day, we’ll help you feel great and improve your overall physical and mental health. Our routines are designed to put you in whatever mood you desire. Want more energy? Try our VITALITY or EMPOWERED routines. Need to relax or slow down? Try our CHILL routine. Feeling unmotivated? Try RENEWED or VICTORIOUS. However you want to feel, we have a plan for you. For one low monthly price, you get unlimited access to routines you can follow on your schedule and when you need them. So sign up and SHAKE with us today!