Every day the sun rises and sets with no exception. Every day, you’re given a fresh opportunity to restructure your life and behavior by interrupting and breaking old patterns. Every day is a new day, so why repeat the same old patterns? Crazy is defined by doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result. So why not just change your pattern? This 30-minute routine will help you remake old patterns into new ones.

To change, you must recognize the unwanted pattern and, instead of repeating it, interrupt it. This requires exercising your freedom to change. Freedom is our birthright, and discipline remains the key to finding freedom and independence. By breaking the chains that bind you in old patterns, you will generate a sense of inner and outer freedom. Set priorities and goals that inspire you to have a sense of purpose. Be disciplined and go just a little deeper than you might ordinarily go. Do this and you will achieve a greater sense of freedom in your life and you will begin to evolve.

Find your renewed you.

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