People misinterpret the word chill to mean ‘do nothing’. Actually, being chill is a more active, deeper mental state. This 30-minute routine sets in motion subtle psychophysical forces that will help shape your external reality. Look at your life and begin to reassess. Your achievements are restricted by your own self-imposed limits — a self-fulfilling prophecy. Chilling allows you to tap into your true innate abilities and create new expectations with clear intentions.

The reason for ‘chilling’ is to adopt a contrasting state from ‘not’ chilling. The act of chilling sets you up for improved performance when you restart your activity. To be at your best, you must create waves of work and rest. The rest, or chill, is where the magic happens. Creating these waves allows a new and better you to emerge. Manifest this life-enhancing cycle to create a happier, more open, more positive, and more productive you.

Chill and emerge. A better you is in there!

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