SHAKE has forged a new frontier in wellness. Its founding is a story of discovery, adversity, and a leap of faith. Its founder, Isaac Kodsi, didn’t set out on a path to start his own wellness/fitness concept, but through personal injury, persistent curiosity and an open mind (and his kid’s backyard trampoline), he stumbled onto an activity that offers amazing results.

Drawing on his psychology degree, a long career in law and business, and his background as a competitive athlete, combined with some good old fashioned common sense, Isaac observed that many fitness concepts were lacking the most basic element needed for people to succeed in reaching their goals: FUN! Having fun is critical to sustaining any wellness program, or people eventually quit. To consistently put in the effort needed to reach the benefits of any wellness routine, enjoyment during, and feeling good afterwards are paramount. So he made SHAKE fun.

The quest to help people enjoy wellness inspired him to design a program that was also affordable and addressed a variety of physical and emotional needs of the general population. He gradually educated himself and expanded his skill set to include understanding of the mind and body, and how they work in unison. Eventually he radically changed the course of his life and career to study the human psyche and the body’s biomechanics, and created a program that would soothe the mind while maintaining optimal body conditioning. And SHAKE was born!

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