Low Impact Cardio Workout

Given the name, people tend to relate low impact exercises and routines with a low or moderate intensity. In reality, they are called low impact exercises because they minimize the damage caused to our joints and bones by reducing or eliminating the stress and impact exerted on them.

They usually exclude any type of action that requires jumping on hard surfaces so there is minimum impact caused by the contact between the body and the floor. Walking, cycling, swimming are examples of low impact exercises. The fact that these exercises are low impact does NOT mean that they are low intensity. Spinning or a trampoline cardio workout routine are examples of high intensity routines that are low impact and increase your heart rate with the benefits of a cardio workout and without the stress on your body.

Benefits of Shake as a Low Impact Cardio Workout Routine


The Amount of Stress placed upon the joints of your knees, hips and ankles is relatively minimal. The biggest benefit of shake is that it is a low impact cardio routine that puts less stress on your joints than any exercise that forces you to jump or lift your feet from the floor and then hit them against the floor with force. This allows for someone with limitations such as joint pain to obtain the benefits of a good cardio workout whilst minimizing the risk of increasing joint pain or delaying recovery from injury. A trampoline low impact cardio workout also allows for more consistent and regular training sessions since the recovery time between sessions is shorter.

Shake helps build muscle and burn calories. Low impact does not mean low intensity. Our Shake trampoline cardio routine is high intensity but low impact given that jumping on a trampoline is great challenge for your cardiovascular system, but since your feet are protected by the mat, there is minimum impact involved.

Shake improves mobility. Our Low Impact Cardio Trampoline workout routine is great for improving mobility. And while mobility movements are neglected by many people, it is important if you want your body to function like a well-oiled machine. Shake makes you move your body in all directions and planes of motion, without exerting any force on the joints. Since you are removing the shock out of a workout, you can focus on moving through a full range of motion and on technique.

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