Being overweight and being constantly overwhelmed with information that insinuates you’re to blame for your body weight or size is just unfair and nonconstructive to hear. The articles continue telling you that you’re responsible for your own destiny and you must change your lifestyle to remedy your situation, yet the solutions offered are rarely effective.

Unless you devote and dedicate a lot of time and put forth a lot of effort, results are elusive.

It’s difficult. You feel uncomfortable and limited in what activities you can do. Trying to find a workout regimen to get you into shape is even harder. Most exercise programs are just too tough or unsuitable if you’re overweight and the options are limited. Most equipment wasn’t designed for all body types and the truth is you may just not fit. The battle to lose weight by exercising becomes futile but being sedentary only exacerbates the problem.

Article after article recommend a few options for out of shape overweight people.

The first option is usually walking. Don’t forget to get shoes with extra support and cushioning to carry extra weight and prevent injury. Whether you walk for a short or a long time, it’s just an aerobic exercise that helps you lose water weight, while placing a lot of pressure on your joints and skeletal system. In fact, one extra pound of body weight puts FOUR pounds of added load on your knees.

Another recommendation is the recumbent bike because it reduces the pressure on your body by taking the weight off your feet. But you still have gravity to deal with. The final option is water exercises from swimming to aqua jogging which remove gravity. The challenges here are accessing a pool and, then, even though you’re buoyant and you’ve relieved stress on the body, you’re not getting enough resistance against the water. To compensate for the lack of adequate resistance, it’s recommended to lift weights in conjunction with the water exercises. These will help you maintain muscle mass and place stress on your body which helps increase your metabolism. But do you really have time, energy, and money for two types of workouts that require equipment you may not have at home?

Most importantly, these options are slow in achieving the desired results. Because you’re out of shape and overweight, you can’t pump your heart enough to achieve an anaerobic state, and if you push yourself to get there with these activities, chances of injuries increase, and then you’re back to square one.

To get in shape you need to find an exercise regimen that will get you into an anaerobic state thus raising your metabolism, while at the same time eliminating gravity to relieve your body from the stress of carrying your weight. Additionally, the activity has to offer enough resistance to engage your muscles making you stronger and toned. Building muscles will help you burn more calories.


If you’re overweight and you’ve finally made the decision to get into shape, what are you going to do? You can take the usual path of diet and exercise, but most people will struggle to maintain the diet and right level of exercise required to jumpstart your metabolism. It’s really tough to raise your heartbeat to the necessary levels while walking or jogging if you can’t move your body easily due to your fitness level or weight. In most cases, weight loss is a long and slow road. You will need to make sacrifices and deprive yourself of certain pleasures, making it very tough to sustain, leading to lapses that put you right back at the starting gate. Your weight loss journey becomes a vicious cycle.


Instead of weight loss, maybe you want to try weight less with SHAKE. Weight less is immediate and quick. You will feel lighter and be able to do more right away, thus increasing your chances of successful weight loss.

You may be asking, how can two words with one different letter provide such different paths to the same goal? Weight loss is focused on a slow process, wherein you have to stay the course and be dedicated to your choices. You have to persevere the journey and accept the ups and downs. It prioritizes losing weight so you can start getting into shape. The alternative, weight less, eliminates all of your weight in pursuit of your goal and provides immediate gratification and positive reinforcement. You feel the results right away, which will help you continue the activity and get into shape quicker.


SHAKE, a trampoline wellness routine system, focuses exactly on getting you in the ideal weight loss state. By working on a large resistant mat (the trampoline), you can work less time to get more results than you would in a typical workout. Exercising with resistance from a trampoline is the most effective way to engage more muscles in your activity, while also providing the necessary cardio benefits. It’s efficient because a SHAKE session is only thirty minutes long. A SHAKE workout pushes you to important thresholds, but are easier and more fun (which means you’ll keep doing them and reach your goals!) than other workout concepts.

The research and science back this up. Bouncing, rebounding and shaking are better for the body because you can do more with a lot less impact on the body, while increasing productivity and reducing your recovery time. You are weightless on a trampoline. Let me say it again. You weigh zero on a trampoline, which means your size or shape is not a limiting factor. By defying gravity, you can do more. Most importantly, you can rev your heart at a higher rate and enter into an anaerobic state to turn on your metabolism.

Being overweight does not have to be permanent. Barring certain medical conditions, weight loss is attainable. Motivation will be easier to find. Goals will be easier to achieve. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to Shake into shape!!!